A banking employee is „banking-minded“, I am „customer-minded“

Benjamin Dumke | MBA

Financially superbly educated in Liechtenstein/Switzerland and over the years investmentwise honed in Singapore/South-East-Asia I am bridging Singaporean-tax-advantages with fundamentally old world European principles.

What does distinguish me from the average crowd of wealth and asset managers?

Trusted experts

My viable and trustworthy network of finance experts will be at your fingertips, if needed. In this respect, my customers will be taken care of by experts in their respective fields – not by banking personnel.

Unbiased advice

With me you are always looking beyond a banker´s own nose – my investment approach is not limited to particular offers an organisation is going to sell.

In depth research

Relying on more than on one particular bank´s research will be an asset in getting to a proper and utterly solid investment decision.

Cost advantages

Having decades of experience as well as the ability to work independently with several banks will be a cost advantage for my customers. No overheads chargers.

Benjamin Dumke | MBA (US) Bachelor of Finance (CH) & CACS certified
Benjamin Dumke MBA Singapore finance